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Location Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Introduction I'm a forty one year old single white female and I can be a little bit odd. I'm not looking for a boyfriend atm. I live with my cat, Yes Dear, who is spoiled rotten. Some days, she's my sanity, lol. I like to cross stitch, work in my garden, and play games on the computer (well, okay, game. I only play Two Moons.)
Interests I like to cross stitch, read, play on the computer (mostly Two Moons), and play with my cat.
Favorite Movies Too many to write them all out. Lots of B movies, slasher flicks, and enormous animal movies, lol. Just a few faves are the Aliens series, Nightmare on Elm Street Series, Halloween Series (Halloween is my fave movie of all time), and the Matrix movies. I have a very masculine yen for action movies as well.
Favorite Music I like everything but Jazz and Thrash. Mostly I listen to country and rap (I know, not a very likely combo) lately, but I like a little of almost everything.
Favorite Books Too many to list. Instead, I'll list some of my fave authors. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Stephen Coonts, Dan Brown, Dale Brown, Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, Christine Feehan, Alyssa Day, Lora Leigh, Ken Follet, John Grisham, and Shannon McKenna.

What good can I pull out of today? I have a depressive disorder, and my normal state is to be depressed. To combat this, I generally look for the good in each day. Some days, it's just a rub from Yes Dear, but darnit, that's something good. A comment from a friend (especially a new friend) is great. Flowers bloom, grass grows, friends call. Any good thing I can find helps me.