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Industry Arts
Occupation Crafter/Stay at home mom
Location Center Ossipee, NH, United States
Introduction I'm a stay at home mom, who is slightly anal, old fashioned and weird. Yup, I said it...I'm weird, and it's totally cool! ;) I craft my days away, while catching up on shows that I like, on demand. *which means I don't craft as much as I'd like, because I'm continually looking up at the tv!* ;)
Interests I'm interested in what we're ALL interested in....being healthy and living the life we're given to the fullest. But I also like to read mindless fantasy books, listen to music with a message, sing, research health issues, and sadly, shop....not for name brands, but for cool handmade gear or geek-wear!
Favorite Movies I love all kinds of goofy movies...there's the heartfelt ones(I'll cry at those), then there's the action thrillers(I'll dream about racing cars and shooting guns...yeah...I could totally do that!) I also love animated movies(yes...i cry at those too!). As long as I don't have to read too many subtitles, I'll watch it!
Favorite Music My music tastes have really morphed over the years. As a kid, I wasn't allowed to listen to the radio, so I was addicted to Psalty's Kid's Praise cassettes and Bullfrogs and Butterflys. I also listened to the occasional 8track or record of simon and garfunkel. I then was allowed to get an alarm clock as a teen...I listened to country(ONLY for a little while to impress a boy I liked...the I immediately STOPPED that!) I moved on to heavy metal....then indie rock....and I currently try to listen to music with a message. When we're struggling in life with crappy things, it's always good to have the right message running around in our brains, rather than something dark and depressing.(I SERIOUSLY don't need to go there!!!) ;)
Favorite Books The Harry Potter series is still my all time favorite books. I'm also kind of addicted to the Nicolas Flammel Series and Anita Blake, and Merry Gentry Series. Yes, I've read all the Dead books too(Sookie stackhouse) I also TRY to read self help books....but I get bored and stop reading.....