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Occupation veterinarian
Location South Africa
Introduction In 1997 the wildlife fever started during an internship in the Kruger NP and was untreatable. First obtained veterinary experience working with dogs, cats, exotic pets, horses, sheep and cattle in the Netherlands and UK for 5 years. Did a Masters in Wild Animal Health, studying protozoa in wild gorillas in Gabon. Travelled around the world to work with many different wild animal species: Ara's and Howler monkeys in Costa Rica, marine mammals in San Fransisco, Asian Elephants in Thailand, camels and kudus in Kenya, chimps, gorillas and baboons in Cameroon, African elephants, cheetas and monkeys in South Africa and managed a wild gorilla habituation project in Gabon, West Africa. Now working as a full time wildlife vet in a private game park, close to Kruger NP. The best place to be with a passion for wildlife medicine and photography!
Interests Wildlife photography, horse riding, travelling.