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Gender Male
Industry Government
Occupation Transportation Security Officer
Location North Carolina, United States
Introduction Short story, I was supposed to be a prodigy when I was young (at least that is what they kept telling me), got to school was bored and did terrible at it, went in the Army for 8 years to find myself and lost the tip of a finger, got shot, fell off a mountain, got ran over by a hummer, got drunk... a lot, went to Germany, loved it, went to VA, loved it, got to see several third world mudholes, didn't love that a lot at all, got out, became a silversmith for a while, discovered I loved it a lot and still do it in my back yard for fun, now I am with the TSA and am actually happy with it. I love fishing, and gimme a beer and the pier anyday for a good day!
Interests Silversmithing, Fishing, Eating, I Love music, I love movies, I love the Woman and the Zoo, Rugape, the Chunky Monkey and Chonk!
Favorite Movies 300, The Thirteenth Warrior, I love almost any movie with valor and violence.
Favorite Music Metal, Bluegrass and about anything inbetween, however if you want to hear me scream play some hardcore rap music.
Favorite Books Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, Robert Jordan (RIP). If you want a hilarious writer, with good word play and dark humor mixed with some tongue in cheek, check out Benjamin Wallace and the "Dumb White Husband" series - I kid you not, I have almost snarfed a bite of cheeseburger reading his books. I read anything though and am often seen reading and walking while on break. I even installed Kindle on my Droid!

What is your favorite quote? "Fear profits a man nothing"