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Occupation Retired and it is good!
Location Aurora, CO, United States
Introduction This person is different from the one who blogged before. This person has a new home and that home is in the Lord Jesus, God the father and the Holy Spirit. As such I need anew blog. I've known Jesus for a long time, but He has recaptured my heart. This blog will be about coming to know Him better. Come along if you'd like.
Interests daydreaming, Sudoku, working with small beads, of course, reading, writing, quilting, knitting, all kinds of embroidery, and having fun.
Favorite Movies I seldom go to movies. They tend to bore me, and I dislike violence. Go figure!
Favorite Music I love music. I switch from Classical to country constantly and throw in Gospel and Jazz for fun.
Favorite Books Which ever book I'm reading at the moment and I usually read about 5 a week.

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?

Have humans always been able to see in color?