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Introduction We join with the many women and men who were and are appalled at the vicious misogyny that is rampant in this country and are working to make sexist speech and writing as socially unacceptable as racist speech and writing. According to the media, the gender-gap was composed of so-called soccer-moms. We know this is untrue. We can recognize just another media attempt to pigeonhole, *divide* and denigrate women. We address these articles to those of you who made up the gender-gap in the past and those who may in the future. We explore, in a commentary format, some of the reasons why, even now, many women have low self-esteem which often contributes to their feelings of powerlessness. We will identify cultural, historical and other factors involved. In addition, we will seek to discover and confirm woman as people, as human beings rather than objects defined by man's culture, religion, media control and language.