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Introduction 2012 UPDATE:
Since my last update in 2010, I've been looking after my mother. It's time-consuming and exhausting as Mum is high care, so still haven't had time to finalise the Winter Roses Never Die project. I've done bits, here and there, but I'm really hoping that in July - when I have five weeks respite - I'll be able to put the project online for sale. I won't be able to do complete the music in that time frame as I want to finalise the illustrations first. But I'll have the illustrated PDF finished by end of July. Although the first drafts of this story were completed in 2004, I was gob-smacked to discover similiar story elements in Twilight and, more recently, Fifty Shades of Grey. However - and this is very important - mine was done first and not influenced by either. There's a website up showcasing illustrations and designs used in the Winter Roses project, but the 'buy here' buttons aren't active yet. The story is a sweet, fun and surprising read and will provide some delightful moments for you readers. It has been a long time coming and a great deal of work - but worth it.

Watch this space :)

Favorite Movies Kronk's New Grove, I think might be a current favourite. I'm dazzled by the Ysme character voiced and sung so brilliantly by Eartha Kitt. Other faves are Moulin Rouge, The Song Of Bernadette, Therese, The Phantom Menace, Madagascar, The Matrix, Wall-E, Twilight.
Favorite Music Shout by Tears For Fears, Mad World by Tears For Fears and as sung by Adam Lambert, Ben by Michael Jackson, Shell Full of Sand by Gossamer, Why as sung by Declan Galbraith. The Exorcist soundtrack.
Favorite Books The Myths of Ancient Greece, Rome and the Celts - any retelling; Interview With a Vampire by Ann Rice; The Earthsea Trilogy by Ursual Le Guin; and the Neverending Story by Michael Ende.