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Occupation student at CCSF/graphic design
Location San Francisco, California/USA
Introduction I have feet so I can walk, I have a mouth so I can talk, I have a head and I have thoughts, I have keys but no locks. I have a face that does age, I have hands that can wave, I have a heart so I can feel, Don't use it against me, because I can't heal. I have eyes so I can see, I have ears so I can hear, I have a spine so I can bend, I have a nose so I can smell. Deep inside me there is a light, keep it on and I will delight. I am no use to you when I am sad, but you might need me so don't be bad. I have my notes which you can see, Come share you thoughts and speak with me. I have no wings but I can fly, Don't judge me by my blog or I'll ask why!
Interests graphic design, fashion, photography