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Gender Male
Location Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Introduction After a wayward youth spent knocking about in the horror genre and haunted house industry, I turned my attention to Japan after meeting my wife during a visit she made to the US (after having had her mother try to set us up for 10 years). I'm currently looking forward to retiring and enjoying Japan full time. Pre-modern Japanese history is my main interest, although I haven't been able to devote much time to it the last couple of years (as evidenced by the date of my last blog entry here :( ). I'm an amateur writer whose work has appeared in several horror related magazines as well as local newspapers and magazines. Finally, I'm the moron responsible for brickmcburly.com, a parody website that chronicles the idiocy of a typical drunken American that goes to Japan to party and meet girls. But hey, the kids seem to like it.
Interests Pre-modern Japanese history, traditional Japanese culture, Buddhism (particularly Shingon), wargaming/videogaming (particularly Japanese warfare boardgames), the Halloween Haunted Attractions industry, horror movies, baseball (both MLB and Japanese leagues), running brickmcburly.com
Favorite Movies Nosferatu (1922), Daimajin Trilogy, Universal Monsters (Dracula, Wolf Man, Mummy, etc), anything directed by Nakagawa Nobuo, Kwaidan, Heaven And Earth, any Taiga drama, Machine Girl, Batman 60's TV series, The Munsters
Favorite Music Traditional Japanese music, 60's rock (Beatles, Stones, Dave Clark 5), Rob Zombie, Goregrind (Splatterhouse, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Birdflesh), Punk (Sex Pistols, Ramones, etc)
Favorite Books Shogun, The Samurai: A Military History (my first samurai history book way back when-you never forget your first!), The House That Jack Built (NOT the kid's book!), Cambridge History Of Japan, Heike Monogatari (and any other war tale of the era), Rekishi Gunzou series, anything by Thomas Conlan or Karl Friday