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Gender MALE
Location Montréal, Canada
Introduction I write for a film magazine in Montreal, Séquences, and I recently began a passionate relationship with videogames. I'm first and foremost a film lover, but in the last year my passion towards movies began to weaken, while my love of games continued to grow. I wrote a lot in the last four years about cinema, in French, at first on my own blog and then for the magazine I'm still working for, but now I'm obsessed with games, mainly with their potential as a possible art form, so I needed a new private virtual space, away from cinema and closer to games, where I can write about the interrelations between these two mediums, especially in terms of images, while continuing to explore in this new direction my usual obsessions (nature of art, criticism, a bit of philosophy). Writing in English is a first for me, and although I'm quite familiar with this language, I'm still insecure when it comes to writing, so my grammar and syntax aren't, for now, as good as I would like. Like all blog, this one is a work in progress, and I hope my writing skills will improve with time, so I can erase as soon as possible that part of my presentation...