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Introduction The Other Hag (TOH) and Her Royal Hagness (HRH)-buddies in real life- have decided to combine their passion for eating and writing to bring together this website.I do want you all to note though, that we at culinaryhags are merely here to pass judgement on food establishments on the day of visitation.We will account for everything. But do take note that if you were to visit the establishment on another day, it might be all sunshine and lollipops. You might be tempted to curse this website and all of its inhabitants for misrepresentation – please don’t. In a universe of cruel chance and twisted fate – all we can say is “tough titties”.The reviews we provide are meant to be refreshingly honest and to the point. If we use descriptions that offend your senses, then please use an alternative food review source. We receive no financial gain for our reviews and therefore gain nothing from putting words to paper (or binary code).We enjoy eating, and choose this outlet to vent our pleasure, disgust or disbelief. Note well, we are not in the food or literary business, so do not expect our blogs to be eloquent or spelt correctly. So go, drink and be merry!