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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation Custodial Supervisor
Introduction Remember those pamphlets filled with Lego sets, and all the hours spent skimming through them thinking about someday, when you'd have those sets. Well, I'm working through my backlog, and I wanted to share my thoughts on those toys just beyond the outer rim.
Interests Lego, Steampunk, Star Wars, Anime, Aquariums, Automotive History, Music, Writing, Reading
Favorite Movies Arcadia of My Youth, Galaxy Express 999, Howl's Moving Castle, Lord of the Rings, Metropolis(1927), The Empire Strikes Back, Roman Holiday, Garden of Sinners
Favorite Music Decemberists, Regina Spektor, John Williams, Japanese Pop, ELO
Favorite Books Anything By Timothy Zahn, Silmarillion, Sister Carrie

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

It will be made out of Bricks, and it will commemorate my victory over a clogged toilet bowl, as I hold the plunger aloft...oh, it's dripping! Gross!!!