About me

Location Martigues, France
Introduction • L U X - 1 9 Y O . F R E N C H G I R L . A R T S T U D E N T .

• In love with Metal (especially Heavy, Black & Glam ♥) & american motorcycle, Kim Coates, Motörhead, Shining, Food, Californication, Sons of Anarchy, photography, Sofia Coppola, fashion, blablabla..

• Psycholigy, politic and religion are my shit.

• I'm misanthropic as hell.
• I could turn gay for Taylor Momsen, Brody Dalle, Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Rodriguez.
• I play piano & harp.

• I'm of Italian, German, Belgian, and Dutch descent.
• I speak French as my native language, but also English and Italian.