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Occupation Psychiatrist/author
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Introduction I am a psychiatrist and have spent my life helping people overcome severe depression. While in practice, I became frustrated by the fact that many people with depression also have addiction. Although excellent biological and psychological treatments for depression exist, addiction makes the treatment of depression very difficult. My personal mission is to reduce the impact of addiction and antisocial behavior on families. To do this, I have devoted myself toward the prevention of mental illness and addiction. Recently, I have authored a book called Just Like His Father? Please review the material found at http://www.parentingtheat riskchild.com. Many psychiatric disorders including addiction and antisocial personality, are genetically transmitted in families. Just Like His Father? is about how to parent a child to overcome genetic risk for ADHD, addiction and antisocial personality disorder.
Interests I have a love for nature and my fellow humans. My favorite activities are hiking, camping and exploring the outdoors with my children. I also enjoy mathematics and tutor math as a hobby.