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Occupation Mommy
Location Washington State , United States
Introduction Hi my name is Lyndsay...I was name after the actress Lindsay Wagner. My brothers name is Ryan so my mom thought it would be fun to spell my name with an Ly to match his. I didn't meet another person who spelled their name like me until I was in high school. Speaking of high school that's where I met my husband. We were both 16 years old. We got engaged at 17 and were married on May 8th, 1999 when we were 18 years. We struggled for 6 years with infertility, but then on January 15th, 2007 God blessed us with Owen. After that the kids started popping out..Jack was next, Ella our only girl and finally we finished at the end of the alphabet with Zeke. I'm a stay at home mom and I volunteer at church and school. Life is crazy, but life is good!
Interests Family , Friends , Church , Movies , Games , Camping , Blogging , Cooking , Planning and Organizing.
Favorite Movies Definitely Marvel movies. I love the MCU! I could watch those over and over again. Thor and Antman are my favorite characters.
Favorite Music Christian , I listen to KLOVE all the time!
Favorite Books Books...what are those. Right now I can barely get through a magazine. I do love to read to my kids though...Berenstain Bear books are my favorite!

What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?

Probably when I was sending out my wedding invitations, but thank goodness for self stick stamps they are the best.