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Gender Female
Industry Tourism
Occupation Tourist
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Introduction In 2006 I fell in love and my life turned upside down, literally! I moved from the US to New Zealand to married a Kiwi who immigrated here from Hong Kong as a child almost 20 years ago. We have 1 home with 3 cultures going on between the 2 of us, keeps life interesting! We are in the process of moving to the US at the moment. Just a few more weeks left in Kiwiland before we're off to try and stay sane in the States! This blog is filled with my ramblings about life, love, politics, food, religion, photography, PCOS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and whatever else is running through my mind at any given time...
Interests Life, gender and sexuality issues, gay rights, travel, cooking, 'alternative' grains, politics, psychology, paganism, environmental issues, organic foods, photography, poetry, maintaining my sanity with a perfectionist streak
Favorite Movies I tend to like documentaries, love stories, comedies, good suspense (sometimes), some psychological thrillers, foreign films, and indie films
Favorite Music As long as the artist feels passionately about what they're singing I'll take a listen. I like most anything as long as it's done well. Classical, rap, hip hop, rock, jazz, alternative, heavy metal, easy listening, reggae, new age, techno, indie, etc...
Favorite Books There is no way that I could ever list my favorite books in this tiny space! The number of them is so high I'd run out of space and barely be scratching the surface.

You're going to the moon! What did you forget to pack?

My hairbrush. I lose hairbrushes and sunglasses at an alarming rate, and I always forget to pack them. I'd be half way to the moon and be like "Fuck, HAIRBRUSH, that's what I forgot! Wonder if the Wal-Mart on Mars is open at this time of night??"