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Gender Female
Occupation Founder & CEO. of I.A.A.M.
Location United States
Introduction My name is SheAh Prince Eternal. I am a Shaman,High Priestess, Self Empowerment and Self Love Specialist, LGBTQ Consultant,& Uplifter. I love living,dreaming, and following my bliss. I am an uplifter to my heart.Some people call me the love coach. It is my joy to teach the tools I have learned that taught me to love myself and be happy in this physical experience. I enjoy what I do simply because I found my way back to me. If you want to be happy, I encourage you to find your way back to you. Abraham hicks teachings have had a great influence on my journey combined with my own personal experiences and training as a Shaman. I also practice the ancient way of blending spirituality and sexuality for I am so completely both. Feel free to contact me for group or individual services i.e. workshops in schools,group homes, transitional homes, events, concerts, one on one coaching,etc. I can be reached by email. or call 3234396333.
Interests Abraham HicksTeaching, law of attraction, alignment, vortex, music, writing, pleasure, kink, martial arts, nature, horses, staying happy, uplifting others, encouraging love of self, and self empowerment through workshops, coaching, etc., dancing, singing, writing spoken word, some animated movies, making unique greeting cards and plaques regular & X rated, dolphins.
Favorite Movies Lion King1&2, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell & the great rescue, Tinkerbell and the magic wings, The Dolphin Dream
Favorite Music Music that touches my soul, Chopin, William Coleman, Whitney Houston, Sarah Brightman, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Luther Vandross, Yanni, Luciano Pavaotti, Loreena McKennitt, Mariah Carey, Pati LaBelle, Adiemus, Karunesh, Michael Jackson, Cheri Anderson, Lisa Fisher, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Bethoven, Tchaikovsky, and the music I write.
Favorite Books Sara, book 1, 2, &3. by Esther and Jerry Hicks

How do you want to be remembered when you jump out of your body? I want to be remembered by my laughter.