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Industry Education
Occupation Psychologist
Location Midwest, USA
Introduction Im me what do you want me to say?...hahah
Interests My Fam, knitting friends learning and hot boys
Favorite Movies Pootie Tang, I also love dark films, Requiem for a dream, Amistad, The Woodsman, Fight Club, Hedwig, Ravenous, Reservoir Dogs, Twin Peaks, Sir Quinten T flicks, Martial Art Films, Asylum, Momento, Breaking Waves, Brokeback mountain, Taxi Driver, A cook, the theif, his wife and her lover, The Piano Teaher, Naked Lunch, Vanilla Sky, Brokeback Moutain, Grease, Underworld, Closer, Snatch, B.Davis, M. Detrich, K. Hepburne, D. Dandritch, S. Tracy because he is the best actor of all time. I love Rock Hudson, Waters, Lynch Films Foreign is always good. Staaaarrrr Wars geek big time
Favorite Music The Mission, Clan of Xymox, Soft Cell, Black Flag, The Swans, Motorhead, Roxy Music, Siouxi, The Damned, HIM, Manson, Jingo, The Jam, Dinosaur, The Clash, This Mortal Coil, The Underground Social D., The Cramps, Exploited, Garbage, Cake, Portishead, Sonic Youth, Nephlium, PJ Harvey, Jesus&Mary Chain, London After Midnight, 69Eyes, Echo, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, NIN, Yaz, the Pumpkins, The D.K.'s, Old rock, soul, blues, funk & disco 20s 40s&60's is also pretty cool. Country blows
Favorite Books Favorite authors :ANNE&ChristopherRICE, Poe, Wilde, Yeats, Keats, Woody Allen, Hunter S.Thompson, David Cronenberg, Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, Wilde, Burroughs, Clive Barker, Anais Nin, Henry Miller, (the damn diviants) civil rights leaders lives, the macabe, Anything that can teach me something

What spells can you cast with magic markers?

What did anyone do before they knit!?