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Introduction Scipio was a military hero and political reformer of the Roman republic. One of the greatest generals in history, he fought and defeated the mighty Hannibal in the second Punic war, and saved Rome from certain destruction. Scipio had great regard for the republic, but recognized its weaknesses – and was in his youth considered radical and rebellious. Elected as a Consul of the Plebeians at the tender age of 31, he made many enemies in the Senate, who had no appetite for reform, and resented his desire to bring about change. After defeating Carthage, he returned to Rome a hero. Yet he refused many honours and offers of almost unlimited power, instead seeking to use his position of influence to introduce Greek thinking and concepts into Roman life. Scipio was his entire life concerned about the lot of the Plebs and sought a republic were men could prosper and enjoy liberty regardless of their background. He recognized that Rome belonged to its people, and was not the property of the elite. He was one of Rome’s first meritocrats, and today, anyone concerned with justice, liberty and freedom can look to Scipio as an example.