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Industry Engineering
Occupation Mechanical design Engineer
Location Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Introduction The quiet, shy one, who always gets ingored at the back of the room or party has just woken up from the twelve year snooze & has discovered that he is far too happy and content with life to watch it from the shadows. Enough said about that here, now for the boring stats'. Im a 35 year old enginneer, whos' lived so many places, but who's home is the Beautiful Norfolk. I have a number of interests which I try to pursue with a passion and to the detriment of all else. Never the one to take things seriously, I take a very surreal view of all around me. I take a bizzar pleasure in being the weirdest thing in the room sometimes & think both the light bulb and the bicycle will catch on soon. Religion, pish, I describe myself as an agnostic fundamentalist.
Interests tea, Music, sailing, painting, photography, reading, elevensies, guitar, tea, online gaming, high tea, travel, movies, i like tea, no television for me please
Favorite Movies Jabbawocky, Bladerunner, Brazil, Leningrad cowboys go america, brain dead, evil dead, dude wheres my car, snatch, the jerk, big fish, nice girls don't explode, seven, the crow, eat the rich, pappillon, Bill & Teds excelent adventure, Weekend at Bernies, la femme Nikita, oh brother where for art thou, Life of Brian, 28 days later, dog soldiers, Shaun of the Dead, the goonies, my fair lady, alien, the plank, the late mr h, paint your wagon, I can't list all my fav films.
Favorite Music my own, John Lee Hooker, mississipi john hurt, motorhead, megadeth, the pouges, white stripes, system of a down, distilers, masters of reality, queens of the stone age, pearl jam, hawkwind, deep purple, Thrash, blues, goth, punk, indie, sca, folk, metal, grunge, classical, rock, anything but drum & bass
Favorite Books Espidaire Street, The wasp factory, the player of games, Ian Banks, The Hitchhikers guide, the long dark tea time of the soul, Douglas Adams, The Dark Tower, The sett, the iliad, the crow road, terry pratchett, the stand, I can't name them all

Describe the sound of a moist waffle falling onto a hot griddle.

'Ooooh yah', said the moist, Dutch waffle.