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Introduction Hey there! I'm Ajay, the founder of SharingChisiki. With over a decade of experience as a System Engineer in the technology field, I understand the challenges of a sedentary lifestyle all too well. Spending long hours at my desk, I found myself gradually gaining weight and feeling increasingly disconnected from my own well-being. Determined to reclaim my health and vitality, I delved into the realm of fitness and nutrition, conducting extensive research and embarking on a personal journey of transformation. Through trial and error, I discovered the incredible power of diet and exercise in shaping not just my body, but my overall quality of life. Inspired by my own experiences and driven by a desire to empower others, I founded SharingChisiki. The name itself reflects our mission – "Chisiki" meaning knowledge in Japanese – to share the wealth of knowledge I've gained on my journey and make it accessible to all.
Interests Health, Fitness, Wellness, Weight Loss, Physical Fitness, Supplements, Diet, Vitamins, Technology, IT Industry, AI Technology
Favorite Books The Secrets