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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Fine Art Photographer
Location Sydney, NSW, Australia
Introduction I have always been fascinated with discovering the mystery contained within the raw elements of a scene – its light, colour and movement. I am particularly inspired by the Great Impressionists for their sense of ‘visual freedom’, breaking traditional techniques and conventions which enabled them to capture impressions of light, colour and movement that had never been seen before. I love challenging traditional photography and continually blurring the line between what we consider to be ‘art’, and what is considered photography. I enjoy breaking the rules, using the camera freely as my paintbrush to paint my works with light. All of my work is developed in-camera, in single frames, with no after work or multiple exposure. On location, I search for first impressions that catch my eye and work with the raw elements to develop my story. Sometimes this involves only slight alterations to what the eye naturally sees. Sometimes it involves completely decontextualising the original scene, and working with specific elements to break through into a completely new visual dimension. My work is held in private collections in Australia, Singapore, Japan and the USA.
Interests Art, music, amore, flying, searching for new paths of inspiration
Favorite Music Pink Floyd, Romantic-classical, Erik Satie, Nirvana, Dire Straits, Cold Play
Favorite Books "Whatever you think, do the opposite", "Impressionist Camera"