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Location Symsonia, KY, United States
Introduction I have tried the blogging thing before, without much success. I admit I'm better at Facebook, where I just have to come up with short thoughts. As an old woman, I am both excited and scared to be starting college in August, but I am ready to try to refocus my life into all things positive. Thirty seven years of negativity has brought me to this point. I have one son who is one cool cat. I LOVE Howard Stern, which shocks most people, since I am a good Liberal Democrat, and a woman, but I do have a sense of humor. I welcome any and all debates on my opinions and/or thoughts!
Interests Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. I am starting MSU in August, so I have no choice!
Favorite Movies I really must confess that I hate most movies. There are some that I like and love, but most new movies just cause me to ask why? I like the old (to me) ones like The Breakfast Club, Terms of Endearment and Goodfellas...and some new ones like Slumdog Millionaire and Pineapple Express.
Favorite Music I love to listen to 80's music, mostly, although I do have an EMBARASSING love for Justin Timberlake.
Favorite Books I love to read, always have. My favorites are Lonesome Dove, Dogs of Babel, The Stand, Lucky/Chances and Private Parts. I love all these books, and more. The library is my friend, as I could never afford to buy all the books I read.