uhChat.net - Create live chat embed in website

About me

Introduction uhChat.net gives you a tool to create free chat box (and no-ads) embedded into web pages to help customers access the web can chat with you directly without login. Usually they are afraid to share information and uhChat made this process become simple than.

According to the statistics of internal relativity, we have risen to 6500% of communicating information between the client and admin of the website since the live chat is used, than 65 times. That is great for a business, adding a customer is an opportunity to earn extra money.

We are actively finishing features, ensure the connection speed, smoothness and email security information in a coherent way, constantly evolving towards multi-platform, multi-device connected, simple manipulation of use but powerful configuration and performance use.

We always offer a free platform. However uhChat still provide extra fee regime and warranty guarantees depending on the form using the tools cheaply than other similar services other.