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Introduction I am husband and father of four children. I am also a professor of American politics, with an emphasis on the judiciary. As I studied law and politics, first as an undergrad, then in law school, and finally in a PhD program, I came to realize that the political foundations of the social policies of the Left are not rooted in constitutional principles. The courts have abused their powers to force Americans to tolerate and accept the social desires--particularly the sexual desires--of the liberal intelligentsia. The more I learn, the more frustrated I become with how a cabal of black-robed platonic guardians have hijacked the American Constitution to build their own brave new world. In my academic world, however, my concerns are little more than those of a voice crying in the wilderness. That is why I am so grateful that we have a President and a Senate majority who wish to reign in our runaway courts. I hope they soon succeed. And I hope we can send them more help--in the form of a filibuster proof majority in the U.S. Senate--in 2006.