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Introduction "Where better to care for the soul than in the details of our daily lives?....The soul has an absolute, unforgiving need for regular excursions into enchantment. It requires them like the body needs food and the mind needs thought... An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sense of fulfillment that makes life purposeful and vibrant." ~ Thomas Moore. Welcome! to my world. A world where my love of the organic purity of the Nature Kingdoms inspires personal whimsical art, Beauty and love of the Mother. In the Spirit of Anam Cara love.
Interests All things of Beauty! Nature, Flowers, Gardening and permaculture, wildlife, Living Foods, Beautiful Clothes and Textiles, Pure Essential Oils & mixing and playing with them for both perfume and healing, Feathers and Flowers in the hair, Glitter, Animals, Fairies, Tuatha De Danann, Goddess, Mother Nature, Magical Movies, Mystical Music
Favorite Movies Mists of Avalon, peaceful parts of Lord of the Rings, Chocolat, Enchanted April, Miss Potter, TinkerBell, Harry Potter, Groundhog Day.....
Favorite Music Lisa Gerrard, Dead Can Dance, Enya, Miriam Stockley, Marcome, Clannad, Secret Garden, Dean and Dudley Evenson, Bliss, Loreena McKinnett, Moya Brenan.....
Favorite Books Anastasia of the Ringing Cedar series, Anam Cara, The Mist Filled Path, The Oracle Within, The Sidhe.....

Do you dare to be the One within that you love?