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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Location United States
Introduction I’m like a lot of women; Old enough for adulthood to be difficult to avoid, Still adjusting to the idea I’m not 20 any more, (isn’t everyone?), My family is crazy but they make for good stories, My pets never do what I tell them to, and I like my job but wince when I answer my home phone, “Hello, This is (business name), can I help you?” Today, women are theortically able to “have it all.” There are a lot of options - which is great - but womanhood is a thing constantly being redefined in the world we live in - which is confusing as hell. A lot of websites didn’t have what I was looking for. I’m not interested in reclaiming the word “bitch” for womankind (mind you, I’m not criticizing those who are) and I get queasy every time I go to a “women’s interest” website that has articles on how to tell if your man is cheating on you along with recipes for easy casseroles that feed a family of six. So this is my solution. I’m throwing myself in the mix. I’m going to share things I’m interested in and what I think - in all it’s glorious incongruous variety.