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Location Cape Cod, MA, United States
Interests 80s music and movies, ac/dc, adult swim, afi, alternative music, annie lennox, aqua teen hunger force, aquamarine, bbc america, beanies, bif naked, books, boots, boston, bowling for soup, boyhitscar, cameras, cape cod, cky, clutch purses, computers, concerts, converse, creepy stuff, daria, dave matthews band, designer purses, doctor who, dogma, doodling, eddie izzard, ee cummings, eeyore, emily dickinson, fantasy, ferris bueller's day off, flogging molly, french, fuel, gardening, germany, get fuzzy, godsmack, gold, good charlotte, ground force, gum, hamlet, him, hippies, hollins university, hot topic, i feel sick, invader zim, jack off jill, jackass, james hook, jay and silent bob, jet, jewelry, jhonen vasquez, jimmy eat world, johnny the homicidal maniac, lacuna coil, larry the cucumber, led zepplin, linkin park, london, lord of the rings, lostprophets, marine biology, metal lunch boxes, metallica, mitch hedberg, music, my chemical romance, nefa, nefa parties, nyc, orlando bloom, panic at the disco, philadelphia, photography, piebald, pink anything, pink converse, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pm5k, pocketbooks, poetry, portishead, pretty girls make graves, pro-choice, purses, quarashi, rammstein, rasputina, reading, rugby, scarling., science fiction, sharks, shinedown, shopping, sillyness, spaced, sugarcult, sunna, tattoos, the ataris, the darkness, the doors, the used, the yeah yeah yeahs, torrid,, traveling, tree-hugging, tsunami bomb, vast, veggie tales, water, weezer, welsh rugby, writing