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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Location TIJUANA, Mexico
Interests Illustration, Graphic Design, Toys, Giant Robots, Animation, Gadgets, Computers, Video Games, Good Beer, Movies. any combination of these
Favorite Movies Royal tenembaums, Rushmore, Life Aquatic, darjeeling limited, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, kill bill, trainspoting, slc punks, lost in transaltion, fight club, requiem, 12 monkeys, snatch, barbarella, all godzilla movies, nightmare before christmas, the dark kristal, the thief and the cobbler, cat soup, voices of a distant star, so i married a strange person, akira, ninja scroll, metropolis anuthing miyazaki, anything tezuka.
Favorite Music Ramones, Misfits, The clash, Bad religion, tiger army, Strung Out, social distortion, 2 minutos, the sounds, Blondie, stereo total, joy division, new order, ladytron, peaches, m83, daft punk, justice, boyz noize, shiny toy guns, fisherspooner, the faint, dj shadow, ztrip, death cap, for cutie, postal service, the shins, riloh kiley, pixies, the pillows, nouvelle vague, jose gonzalez, the flaming lips and many more
Favorite Books all of asimov, and anything chuck palahniuk, 1984, farenheit 451, and the rest are mostly comics and manga not shure it counts