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Industry Internet
Location United States
Introduction My speech is rarely filtered. I guess I like it that way. I am imaginative and tenacious. I like smart, off-color jokes. I always felt that I was good at what I do - whatever it happened to be. I see potential in most people, but never completely give up on the ones I don't. I love my cats, past and present. I appreciate my friends. I seek predictability, but crave the unexpected. I kid around a lot. My humor runs from gallows to gutter. I believe in treating people as I wish to be treated. I have my own prism of reality. So do you. Many things strike me as absurd. I laugh, but rarely explain. I'm a pretty good singer. I used to be really good. I am quietly competitive. I can be stubborn when I know I'm right. Dress like a nun, talk like a sailor. I "see" sound. I eschew conformity. I've always wanted to be magical. The one thing upon which I've always relied? My mind. The one thing which I've never trusted? My body. I sometimes know things - before they happen. I want to do something good for someone else before I die.
Interests Psychology, Mentoring, Music, Creative Imaginations, Words, Languages, History, Art, Politics, Polemics, Cats, Yarn, Knitting, Crochet, Travel. Everything and nothing.
Favorite Music Alternative, loud, grunge, middle eastern influenced, trance, angsty, jazz, classical, original.

That can't really be a fish you're standing on, can it?

In a manner of speaking, yes. He's a Pisces. He also makes a dandy acrobatics partner.