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Introduction This blog is a commentary of life as it was inside a mind-controlling cult and life on the journey outside of spiritual abuse. The Cult Next Door is an apt description of the situation of I, my family, and friends. I wasn't restricted to a compound- I shopped, attended college, went out to eat. To anyone outside the mind control, I held the complete power of my life. Anyone literally living next door to the cult would not define it as so. Yet its members lived in sheer terror comparable to other notable cults, as evidenced by the accounts posted below. I do not and will not state the exact name of the abusive church. For description purposes I will say that it is in Dade City, Florida. My goal is not to 're-hash' events of the past or even try to erect a list of wrongs for which the pastor of the church is responsible. This site was conceived to be a black and white portrait of spiritual abuse: how it starts, how it endures, and how it's power can be broken.