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Location Northern California Coast, United States
Introduction 58 years old going on 17. Blue eyes, hair color varies with my mood, 5'7" tall or thereabouts. One never knows with height. Weight changes daily, so be it. All else open to change and/or interpretation.
Interests Writing, reading, rockhounding, beach combing, gardening, family, grandkids, did I mention writing?
Favorite Movies Defending Ones Life, Meatball, Shirley Valentine, It's a Wonderful Life
Favorite Music Golden Oldies, Heavy Metal, Old Time Rock 'n' Roll, smatterings of most everything else.
Favorite Books Stranger in a Strange Land, Dragon Riders of Pern, Stephanie Plum series, Kinsey Milhone series, others.

If you were a pirate, how would you avoid laughing when saying "poop deck"?

If I were a pirate, I would know there is nothing amusing about the "poop deck" hence there would be no tendency to laugh. Arggggh.