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Gender Female
Location Warfield, Berkshire, United Kingdom
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Introduction I'm a passionate domestic cook, forager and amateur veggie grower with an insatiable hunger to learn and share as much as possible about food and cookery. I believe that we owe it to our kids to feed them well and teach them to cook for themselves and that if we are going to eat animals, we should treat them with the respect they deserve before they give their lives so that ours can be tastier. Most of the pictures of my food are taken on my iPhone seconds before we eat dinner, so I apologize for the dire quality. I love comments and ideas, so please leave yours! xox -Emily
Interests Cooking, talking about cooking, reading about cooking, baking, Growing veggies, sewing, Jewelry making, painting, foraging, walking my dogs, clothes, interior design
Favorite Movies Pulp Fiction, Blues Brothers, American Beauty, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, Waiting For Guffman, Bond, Love, Actually, Layer Cake, Closer, Trainspotting, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Crash, Snatch, Lock, Stock, Babel, Crash, Snatch
Favorite Music The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Johnny Cash, Snoop, Gorillaz, OLD NIN, Bauhaus, Lily Allen, Outkast, Tupac, Ella Fitzgerald, Social Distortion, Cake, Chet Baker, Biggie, Miles Davis, Bjork, Charlie Parker, Pink Floyd, Dean Martin, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky, Chemical Brothers, Thievery Corp. Hot Chip, Queen, Pet Shop Boys, Bee Gees, Abba, Al Green, Alice in Chains, Van Morrison, Elvis Costello, Roxy Music, Duran Duran, KMFDM, Patsy Cline, The Stranglers, Echo and the Bunnymen, Nancy Sinatra, Coldplay (1st 2 albums) Scissor Sisters, Bob Marley, the Clash, Telepopmusik, Kanye West, Beck, Nirvana, Vivaldi, Blur, Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand, Prince, Zeppelin, Winehouse, Steely Dan, Chet Baker, Ting Tings, Reverend and the Makers, Black Kids, Calvin Harris, Cake, Portishead
Favorite Books Big Fat Duck Cookbook, McGee on Food and Cooking, Bouchon cookbook, Leith's Baking Bible, Larousse, Les Halles Cookbook, Myriad other cookbooks, In a Sunburned Country, The Bell Jar, Wicked, Slaughterhouse Five, Jane Eyre, the Godfather, Skipping toward Gomorrah, Night Watch, America the Book, The Great Gatsby, Dan Savage, David Sedaris, Bill Bryson

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

You don't. the GN is pronounced like NY (obviously?) Like Bolonya. Makes ordering things like gnocchi fun in restaurants