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Introduction A seasoned – meaning older than dirt — and usually bemused, observer of the passing scene, K.R. is often surprised, and occasionally angered by the antics of his fellow creatures. Kerr is a writer, private investor, independent businessman (for years did turnaround work, taking over failing businesses and restoring them to viability), defensive shooting and personal safety and security instructor/consultant, and a recovering attorney. Once head of a major law firm’s corporate practice, he currently restricts his legal work to matters that, or clients who for some reason interest him. More than a bit skeptical about the social utility of our legal system today, Kerr views most attorneys as beings whose souls died when they reached puberty although he treasures his contacts with the exceptions among them. In earlier incarnations, K.R. worked as a newspaper delivery boy, grocery store stockboy and bagger, assistant door-to-door salesman, construction worker (assistant roofer), commercial pilot, and newspaper reporter and editor. Kerr is an Eagle Scout and a combat veteran.
Interests Reading (omnivorously), Public Policy, Travel (everything from local and regional to international excursions), Walking - urban and rural and wilderness, Tennis, Skiing, Recently gave up aviation after having been a licensed pilot since 1955.