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Occupation Poet, singer-songwriter, essayist, aphorist.
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Introduction Poet, singer-songwriter, essayist, aphorist. BA in English Literature (1980); Master of Divinity (1991). Married in 1980 to Cindy ('My best friend and the love of my life'). Itinerant work of music and speaking spanned four decades, ranging over most of the length of the U.S. eastern seaboard and to England. Has composed over 90 songs. Released first recorded collection, The Thing That Matters, in 1988. This and more recent selections may be heard online at Edward's primary website, Bard of the Grey Wind, also containing some of his general writing and poetry. Partial to ancient and mediaeval literature and history; Shakespeare; etymology; legend and folklore; and the lives, works, and scholarship of British authors associated with the Inklings circle. Enjoys early and Baroque music, 'period' films, family evenings of reading aloud, and (particularly during autumn and winter) walking in the woods and mountains. Also has devout views on the proper preparation of a decent cup of tea.
Interests CINDY, (wife), READING, (in normal fashion or aloud with Cindy), LONG TALKS, (especially with Cindy) over, TEA, WALKING, in the woods and mountains - particularly during autumn and winter, Attending Classic, THEATRE, (chiefly, SHAKESPEARE, ), RENAISSANCE FESTIVALS, Occasional wholly unpredictable bursts of, WRITING, in various media, Occasional public, SINGING, of own material, Occasional, TUTORING, in a small-group setting on how to study Scripture, ANCIENT, and, MEDIAEVAL, LITERATURE, and, HISTORY, ETYMOLOGY, LEGEND, &, FOLKLORE, The lives-works-and-scholarship of, BRITISH AUTHORS, associated with the, INKLINGS, circle, Learning, KOINE GREEK, MIDDLE ENGLISH, and some, LATIN
Favorite Movies HENRY V, (1989, Branagh, ), CHARIOTS OF FIRE, (1981), EXCALIBUR, (1981), SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, (1998), THE HAUNTING, (1963 ONLY), SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, (1995, Ang Lee), SHADOWLANDS, (1985 ONLY, BBC, 92 minute version), A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, (1966), MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, (1993, Branagh), TWELFTH NIGHT, (1996, Nunn), RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, (1981), OUT OF AFRICA, (1985), KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, (2005, Scott, Director's Cut), THE CHOSEN, (1981), THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, (1938), BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, (1991, Disney, cinematic cut ONLY), AMAZING GRACE, (2007)
Favorite Music BAROQUE, &, CLASSICAL, (only some, ROMANTIC, era), EARLY MUSIC, (e.g., Mediaeval, Renaissance, Chant, & especially any release by the, Benjamin Bagby, ensemble, Sequentia, ), LOREENA MCKENNITT, Some traditional- & neo-, CELTIC, Certain classic, HYMNS, WINDHAM HILL, TWILA PARIS, Some popular folk-rock (sacred and secular) from the 1970s & early '80s, especially, PAT TERRY, MARK HEARD, RAMSAY HALL, KEITH GREEN
Favorite Books THE BIBLE, THE LORD OF THE RINGS, by, JRR Tolkien, Anything by, CS Lewis, (popular OR scholarly) especially:, PERELANDRA, THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS, THE GREAT DIVORCE, SURPRISED BY JOY, THE DISCARDED IMAGE, TILL WE HAVE FACES, THE WEIGHT OF GLORY, Anything by, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, especially:, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, (which we read aloud together over every Advent season), Phillip Yancey, especially:, WHAT'S SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE?, Jane Austen, especially:, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, by, Shirley Jackson, THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES, and most of the, Sherlock Holmes, canon by, Arthur Conan Doyle, THE DIVINE COMEDY, by, Dante, as translated by, Dorothy Sayers, DESCENT INTO HELL, by, Charles Williams, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL, by, Peter Kreeft, ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL, by, James Herriot, THE CHOSEN, by, Chaim Potok, GOD IS NO FOOL, by, Lois A. Cheney, DIARY OF AN OLD SOUL, by, George MacDonald, A DECENT CUP OF TEA, by, Malachi McCormick, THE LAST UNICORN, by, Peter S. Beagle, SNOW BEFORE CHRISTMAS, by, Tasha Tudor, All four original, WINNIE-THE-POOH, books by, A.A. Milne, as illustrated by, EH Shepard, A MAN CALLED PETER, by, Catherine Marshall, TALIESIN, MERLIN, and, ARTHUR, by, Stephen Lawhead, THE VELVETEEN RABBIT, by, Margery Williams