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Location New York City, NY, United States
Introduction Trained Interior Designer, baker at heart. I was baking at least twice a week and bringing it to the office and when the economy took an awful turn and I was left without a job, baking was the right thing for me to do next. So here I am, starting my own business. I came to NY to go to Pratt for Interior Design in 2002. Coming from Argentina with Korean parents, the oven's sole purpose in my house was storage. I'm not sure what it is about putting a bunch of ingredients together and throwing it into the oven that i get so much pleasure out of... Maybe it's the smell, maybe it's the fact that people like it; but it's a great stress reliever for me, and that's how it started. I had always dreamed about baking for a living, but didn't have the guts to quit my job, give up the paycheck and start something I was not trained for; but the economy forced me to do so. And as scared as I am, it's been very exciting. Please join me as I try to turn a hobby into a job.