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Occupation Mum to many
Location United Kingdom
Introduction I'm a happy,hippy, pagan mum to my 6 lovely kids who give my life meaning. I live in a beautiful place which as well as bringing me so much pleasure also allows me to appreciate this lovely planet and all her beauty. As i look around at this crazy world sometimes fear can set in, seeing the devastation that man alone has inflicted upon our beautiful planet. It sometimes seems like too much, where do we start to try and heal all that has been destroyed?All i know is that standing alone we have no chance of winning BUT if we all stand together, do just one little thing to tip the balance, then who knows? Maybe dreams can come true? I don't know about you but this is the dream i hold dear for my kids - and yours too! - so come on, grab my hand. Get ready, Let's go!!!
Interests love my kids, reading, music, spirituality, ethical living, caring for our planet, sustainability, animal welfare, childrens welfare (Duh!), friends of the earth, vegetarian cooking, I've found a new interest in Flickr and made some nice friends there. The joys of blogging have been reveiled to me too, i've made some lovely friends here, so many mams (and dads) who think like me and care about the same things that i do. I spend a lot of time alone, not by choice but by circumstance, and thankfully since i've found friends here i no longer feel quite so isolated. With just the push of a button i can see what mams and kiddies the whole world over have been doing that day. Wonderful xXx
Favorite Movies Highlander, Van Helsing, Underworld, The Wicker Man (70s version), League of Extranordinary Gentlemen, The Bone Collector, The Notebook, Goodnight Mr Tom, Interview with the Vampire, Ghostrider, I'm an expert on Disney films - thanks kids!
Favorite Music Jethro Tull, Peter Gabriel, Evanescance, Marillion, Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Maddy Prior, Mary Black, Within Temptation, def Leppard, Steeleye Span, Whitesnake.....I have a varied taste in music, i was an 80's rock chick(more of a hen now really)
Favorite Books Anything by Terry Pratchett but if i had to choose it'd be Wyrd Sisters, i'm sure i am morphing into Nanny Ogg more every year!, The Mists of Avalon, Angelas Ashes, A child called IT, Christine Feehans fab. There are so many i dont know where to begin, i love books that i can learn from, be it history, different cultures, lifestyles, spirituality, biographys or autobio's too. My mum said i'd read the label on a sauce bottle, she's right!