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Introduction Remember the Tiger Mother, that woman who became famous for a parenting style seemingly drawn from such rich and varied sources as Chinese culture, A Clockwork Orange and the Gestapo? Remember? Well forget her. Because now it's time for The Tiger Father, a stay-at-home dad who actually lives in China, so there. Follow our Australian hero's brave fight to do his job in a world of often bizarre cultural differences – where Beijing grandmothers scorn him for feeding his daughter an uncooked lunch, leaving any skin whatsoever exposed in winter, trying to find his child a toilet when there’s a perfectly good patch of grass right here, or for making a birthday cake that looks like a zombie. All the while our house hubby imposes an iron fist of discipline – "Fifteen minutes of piano practice a week and no exceptions!" – strives gallantly to remember the proper parenting advice of his wife, a doctor and early childhood expert, while trying not to laugh when his girls whack each other like the Three Stooges. It's a China blog. It's a parenting blog. It's a parenting-in-China blog, but with so much more that you won't believe it's just a blog. So read it. Go on. What else are you doing?
Interests Parenting, Children, Parenting, ..., no seriously, music, cheese, wine, travel, gelati, horse racing, movies, horse racing, books, skiing, more cheese.
Favorite Movies The Pianist, Russian Ark, Porky's 3
Favorite Music Beethoven and other German things such as Kraftwerk.
Favorite Books The Last Manchu - Pu Yi's Autobiography, Vasco da Gamma - Discovering The Sea Route to India, Over the Edge of the World - Magellan's Circumnavigation of the Globe, Nelson's Trafalgar, The Map That Changed The World, Winners of the Melbourne Cup

Foxes are clever and tigers are cunning. So, what's your cat's safety school?

Not sure why this blog platform makes us pick a zany random question right here. But of all the ones on the list at least this one mentions tigers. And my other great love, Foxes (nickname of Leicester City Football Club).