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Introduction If you are looking for more DOOM PORN you are at the wrong blog. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the REAL ANSWERS, the REAL RED PILL, you have come to the right place. Einstein said "You can never solve a problem on the level (of consciousness) on which it was created." This is the predicament that we are currently all in, as people, as a planet. It is my belief that the answers to the problems that surround us can only be solved by seeking them at a higher level of consciousness than the level upon which they were created. If you are tired of the fear induced by constantly reacting the the ever increasing chaos and wish to seek another way in which to confront it, to accept it, to integrate it all let me extend a warm welcome to you as a reader of this blog. In a spirit of service I hope to bring you some alternatives, some light, to help illuminate your path through these challenging times that are nevertheless filled with unprecedented and frankly wonderful opportunities for spiritual growth for you as a person, for we as people, and, indeed, for the very planet itself.