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Location Utica, NY, United States
Introduction As a mother of three young wonderful daughters, I find myself working, caring for my family, and taxiing kids from here to there for various sporting events. I have to say I’m never bored! I enjoy every little moment I spend with my girls, but will always continue to work time to create art into my daily schedule as that means doing what I love the most. My girls are learning the joys of creating also!
Interests My name is Gloriann Irizarry. I was born and raised in the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Ever since I can recall, I always had my hands on crayons, scissors and paper. My parents knew from the start how much I love to create! I remember taking my dad’s catalogues and cutting everything out to play with the pictures and to create collages. I had so much fun doing this. My dad, well, he really was not sure how to place his order from my collage! When I turned 10 years old, I moved to the eastern coast of Puerto Rico to live with my dear Irizarry grandparents. There too I attended Ana Roque High School. My experiences at this school helped to make one thing crystal clear to me: I LOVE ART! I took a freshman art class with a wonderful teacher named Mr. Biggio and never left the classroom (or so it seemed!). I became addicted to art and came back every semester for more classes. I could not stop! I loved how our teacher motivated us to create and craft, how he guided us, and how he helped us improve our skills. He also organized expos and fairs so that our art pieces had a place to be shown. Yes! I ended up taking a total of 6 semesters of Art classes with him and graduated the top of the Art class from the Escuela Superior Technologica Humacao in 1996. It was a great learning experience. Once I graduated from high school, I went to the El Turabo University for a year before I moved to upstate New York in 1998 . I now live in the beautiful Mohawk Valley here in central NY with my family.
Favorite Movies I love to sculpt and will never stop creating. I was born this way and for that I thank GOD every day. Art has been a great way to be creative and to express myself. I like to keep my hands busy creating – whether it is unique jewelry, art dolls, ooak sculpture figures, fairy wings for all your project needs, or even wigs and clothing for your sculptures. I love all the variety in art! Why? because ART is so rewarding. Seeing your creation take form is an awesome feeling. All my available items will be for sale at my store. If you have any questions, email me at littlegardencrafts@yahoo.com. Do come and check out my store! Click the different store tabs to view all the items. Commissions are accepted for custom one of kind orders. Right now I’m open for commission: feel free to contact me for details. I hope you enjoy my site and will come back to visit again. If you do, be sure to check out our new items postings.