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Industry Arts
Location malang, Indonesia
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Introduction الحمد لله رب العالمين Praise be to Allah I'm proud to be young MOSLEM Neither smart nor stupid. Enough weight for my height. .an ordinary girl. who doesn't like a diamond or a pearl. wakes up every morning w/ nappy hair and has no time to spare. always carrying a smile. thinking life is awesome, most of the time. I love a lot of people. I hate very few. I can make anybody laugh. and I can brighten up anyone's day. bcos when they're down and depressed, I know exactly what to say. Yea, I do crazy things even the do things I fear. I can be very emotional,but I always keep my tears in. sometimes I have to just let them out and try not to sin. other times i'm a pessimist,and I can be lazy. sometimes, I just need some alone time. when i'm by myself, I solve all my wrongs. I love my family so much, i'm happy with them. I won't say my life is perfect, but there could be a little more
Interests Arts. Theatrical java. social worker. sing. broadcast. photography
Favorite Movies I am a movie lovers, almost three movies in a day I watched . especially Indonesia movies. you could say I am an observer of the progress of Indonesian films. a lot of films that have a good storyline, and unique and I like a lot!
Favorite Music JAZZ . pop optimis rock and roll :)
Favorite Books I am not a book lovers. sometimes I often read teen stories, to inspire me in my own love story.