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Introduction moi?? me?? hurmm.. about me huh?? hurmm.. i guess i'm an alien.. hahaha.. yahyah.. sum of u might tink i'm stupid for tinking myself s an alien n such.. but.. meet me.. kos i might turn into one in front of u.. hehehe.. siyesli.. hahaha.. hurmm.. wat izit bout me any way.. hurmm i'm finished studyin in bangi.. huhuhu.. n i'm working my ass off just to get a job.. adeshhh.. jelesh looking frens who works n hav a loot of money.. if u wanna know more about me.. juz ask moi, people around me, who met me and who loves me (cam rmai org yg syg aku.. haha..).. ask tau.. tu pun if u wanna kno bout me la.. for the name.. juz call me alien for the mean tym.. ahaks!! ingat!! selamat ber "blogging" - Hakcipta Mr-ALiEn 2008 ©