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Introduction Quentin Smeltzer (obviously not his real name) grew up in New York, Connecticut and Utah, accounting for a personality disorder bordering on schizophrenia. His philosophy degree provided the opportunity to work in fast-food restaurants, drive delivery vans and make copies. In 1984 Smeltzer moved to Manhattan’s notorious Chelsea Hotel where he met many celebrities and artists, none of whom impressed him very much. In 1994 he returned to Connecticut where he resides with his wife and son and a dog he does not particularly care for. In 2005 Smeltzer earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix, which made no appreciable difference to his life whatsoever. In addition to writing, Mr. Smeltzer performs stand-up comedy to decidedly mixed reviews. This is his second book—his fourth, if you count the really awful ones locked in his drawer. This latest book, chock full of poor choices and bad advice, is the one book the author believes he is eminently qualified to write.