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Introduction Shepherd-Hound mix, born April 2005 in North Carolina. I made the trip north to a rescue league and was adopted by Ginger and Cali when I was 10 weeks old. I was a the size of a fountain soda cup at the time but I'm now a leggy, 60 pounds!
Interests Dogs, Playing Chase (especially as the chasee), Breakfast, Playing Seeker during Hide-and-Seek, Treats, Cuddling, Long Walks, Dinner, Puzzle Games, Greenies, The Squirrel by the Pond (who torments me every day!)
Favorite Movies Lassie
Favorite Music Classical - it soothes me.
Favorite Books "How to Train Your Human", "Living with Two-Leggers", "The History of CHASE", "Overcoming Social Anxiety", "The Answering Machine is NOT Trying to Kill You"

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

Papa would be furious if I messed up the grass so... I guess behind the shed? But don't tell mom or she'll give me a bath - AGAIN.