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Introduction About me. Hi, welcome to my watercolor gallery! I’m a married mom who loves to paint. I work in a small studio in my home where I tend to lose all track of time sometimes! We are bombarded with so much stress nowadays that I try to create watercolors that show beauty, wonder, fun, and hope. There is no rhyme of reason to what I choose to paint but I know what I like…and I try to create on paper, what I see in my mind. It’s fun to paint whether I’m working on a portrait, a landscape, or a still life. When I paint a portrait I get to know my subject very well, every freckle and eyelash! And after painting a beach scene I feel refreshed like taking a good vacation. Illustrating food is a different story. I get hungry and look forward to sampling my reference material when I finish! Working on a children’s book takes me to a different world – and I get lost in it! And most of all, I love the new people I meet! I’d like to share what I see through my paintings! I hope they interest you and that you enjoy visiting my gallery! -Mara