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Favorite Movies Roger Mellie's adventures can be followed every five weeks in Viz magazine: Born in 1947 in Fulchester, Roger was educated at Fulchester Mixed Infants, Bartlepool Grammar School, and the Oxford Remand Centre. Roger was hopeless at school, and was bottom of the class for every subject.
Favorite Music He began his broadcasting career as a cub reporter on the news with Robert Dougall and shot to fame doing genital mutilation He also established his own production company, MellieVision, and it snowballed from there. On another occasion, Roger obtained a stint as presenter of Springwatch whilst Bill Oddie was in hospital (Roger had accidentally shot him). Roger's version of the show consisted of him launching live rabbits from a catapult for Jack Charlton and Ted Nugent at the London Palladium. He was soon recruited by Fulchester Television, and became a popular TV personality. He now spends most nights in Acton, where he often stays at his favourite "club for gentlemen" until gone three in the morning. He now lives in Fulchester with his 17-year old Thai partner, and 15 Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Roger is quite a colourful character: He has had five past partners (two of which were 'accidentally' murdered), is an undischarged bankrupt and a hopeless alcoholic (amongst other things).
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