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Occupation Family therapist
Location California
Introduction I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE in March, ‘04. After raising 4 children and enjoying a busy psychotherapy practice, the incapacitating impact of Lupus was devastating. I now live with Osteoperosis in my back and pelvis; joint pain in my hands, fingers, elbows, hips, ankles and toes; cataracts in both eyes; alcolacia (inability to swallow); Lupus has destroyed my esophagus; my vegal nerve. I have been on high doses of Steroids for over 3.5 years. I was on two forms of chemotherapy; immunosuppressants.. Lupus has turned my life upside down. I've had to redefine my value as a person in this world. I grieve all I have lost and will never regain It's been two years since I started to blog - Lupus got a hold of me. Following a five week hospital stay - fall of '07 - I had my esophagus removed and my stomach pulled through to make a new esophagus. Following this, I had 10 surgeries for infection. Last August the pain and problems began resulting in removal of the bottom 1/3 of my left lung. In early February we returned to the hospital to address a diaphragm problem. And zap - I was in ICU with double pneumonia which almost took my life. I write this from my hospital bed.
Interests Gardening - especially roses and spring bulbs; quilting; writing; babies; Sunday rides in my husband's sport cars
Favorite Movies Stepmom; Mary Poppins;
Favorite Music hymns; ballads