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Gender Female
Location Everett, Washington, United States
Introduction Thirty-somthing mom of 2 (3?). Viciously sarcastic. Crazy scary memory. Love music, can sing along to almost every song on the radio. Want to live barefoot, but then remember I live in the Pacific Northwest. Accomplished clarinet player. I've ridden a century bike ride around Lake Tahoe and completed 4 half-marathons (so far...). Hate ferris wheels. Have always felt 10 years older than I really am (does that mean I'll die young?) Been arrested. Been heartbroken. Been skinny dipping (and caught by police). Was a girl scout for 7 years. Raising "free range" children.
Favorite Music Concerts I've been to: the Cure, Lillith Fair 2x, Steve Miller Band 4x, Paul Simon, Brian Wilson, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Violent Femmes, The Beach Boys, Lovin' Spoonful, Kool and the Gang, Tiffany (7th grade with Sarah Blakemore and her hippy dad), planned on going to Pearl Jam in 1993, but sold my tickets for 4x their value (and my boyfriend was training to be a cop), The Wiggles 2x, Joan Jett, The Doobie Brothers...