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Industry Agriculture
Occupation Office Slave
Location Sun City, CA, United States
Interests Blankets, Boy chins, Three letter words, free freeways, the suffix –idget, fruit snacks, scratching posts, gravy, lesser pandas [Greater in my heart], small purses, big bunnies, absorbent towels, polynomials, bubble lawnmowers, air travel, eyelashes, scales of 30, Curious George, hot chocolate froth, lists, old kids, archy feet, Ticky-Tack, jellyfish, brown, Dimetapp, flamingos, Otter Pops, Puritan jokes, left field, sneezing, clapping loudly, yarn, freckles, Skip-Bo, huggles, air hockey, koala noses, magnets, waterfalls, buttonholes, shift (F3+F7), ketchup farts, forgetting, convex sipper lids, Ticonderoga pencils, minimum days, guinea pig noises, getting mail, veering right, big marshmallows, little marshmallows, soaking pretzels in tea, sticking needles through the top layer of my finger skin, text boxes, paper crimpers, sea urchin remains, big straws, verbs ending in long a's, puggles, stretching, JACK FM, remembering, sprinkles, banks that are open on Sundays, Trebuchet MS, optical illusions, squishies, beans, Q-tips, albino peacocks, IKEA, Christopher Walken impressions, swooning, pier smell, foot steam on the windshield, completing crossword puzzle leftovers, the word 'pilchard', babushkas, Mickey Rooney, judicial restraint, graphology, erythrocytes, the Beast's library, the STAR test stop sign owl, micro/macro, chantico, guitar scat, hot water, not merging, kitchen floor sliding in socks, tickle fights, little kids who show you the way, sea slugs, lullabies, palmar nose scratching, highland cattle, snowdrops, roughhousing, tax time, Simon Says, phlebotomists, hug accessories, winning, baby cuttlefish, petting invisible kittens, white, canaliculi and the lacunae, Kevin Spacey, demonyms, gaining warmth, round 2, losing everything I own, losing things other people own, losing things I never owned but once possessed, bookends, tailgating without malice, constant K.
Favorite Music Polyphonic Spree, Sigur Rós, my best friend Sara, video game music, kid songs, floaty/repetitive songs