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Industry Fashion
Occupation Accessories Designer
Location Long Island, New York, United States
Introduction Hi I'm Dawn-
mom to 2 amazing girls that fill my heart with joy & wife to a great guy. I absolutely love that I can express my creativity for a living. I'm the owner of www.dramaqueenbows.com & when I'm not designing for my site I'm a obsessive DIYer & bargain hunter trying to make my world at little prettier one project at a time. We are a PR friendly blog.If you are interested in having me review your product, host a giveaway, or promote your event just contact me below. I absolutely love doing reviews and my readers really love my giveaways!

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Interests Designing new jewelry & hair accessories, crafting, spending time with my family & friends, reading, walking, gardening, a nice glass of red wine, great conversation, trying to hang on to my youth while at the same time embracing getting older, writing, baking, volunteering, discovering new music, finding inner peace while surrounded by chaos, and knitting.Love to go to yard sales, estate sales, junk stores-anywhere to find old crap and giving it a fresh new life.
Favorite Movies The Godfather movies(except for III-total crap)Goodfellas, Gone with the Wind, It's a Wonderful Life, Love Actually, The Usual Suspects.I love all the "brat pack" movies. What can I say I was a teenager in the 80's
Favorite Music I embrace all genres of music from classical to jazz to country to 80's hair bands to alternative-it would really depend on my mood- and if the girls are not freaking out with my selections.Although they are warming up to some of my favorites- they'll never admit to it!
Favorite Books I'm obsessive about reading books-never an electronic reader-I read just about everything-I'm one of those people with stacks of books everywhere but my favorite topic is biographies of historical women & cookbooks.

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

What belt? If I'm wearing a sweater that long it clearly means I'm having a fat day and there is no need to bring any attention to my waist!